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Just dropping this here. Sign-ups end on December 1st, and can be found here. You can also check out the rules and FAQ at the LJ comm.
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 Firstly, a quick insta[REC]:

Beneath the Ever-Bending Sky by leupagus.  Teen and Up, 37,000+ words.  Rule 63!Bilbo/Thorin, Tauriel/Kili, various LotR canon pairings, implied Gimli/Legolas.

I have very little to (coherently) say about this story.  Nearly everything 'Gus writes makes me laugh out loud, cringe, and verge on tears.  This fic comes with: my beloved Alternate Universe-Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies tag, a pregnant Bilbo happily flouting what little she learns of courtly manners, dwarves and elves in love (the bits with Gimli and Legolas had me laughing so hard I spilled soda all over my desk), and the full ensemble from the films given their fair share of 'screen-time.'  I recommend setting aside enough time to read the whole thing at once, as I found it a bit of a nail-biter.

"Thranduil's apparently as horrified as you are.  The two of them come to visit me because she was ordered by her liege that she could only speak with Kili if she were chaperoned."

"Isn't she a thousand years old?"

"So speaks the dwarf who took a wife a hundred and fifty years his junior," Bilbo yawns.  "But no, my dearest husband, you need not fear that in my final months of gestating the largest and most irritating children alive I have succumbed to the sexual wiles of an elf-maiden and agreed to run off with her to a tree house."

"A relief indeed," Thorin says.

In other news, I think the majority of Yuletide assignments went out today, and I'm psyched for mine!  The fandom is one I've always wanted to write for, but haven't mustered the motivation to sit down and plot a story in.  The 'Dear Yuletide' letter for my assignment was incredibly sweet and gave me the go-ahead to do whatever I want.  Their only request was that any AU be canon AU, which should be easily doable *jinxes self*  So.  Yes.  Quite thrilled.

This final bit is basically a reminder to tell this story to a few friends coming to town for the Blackhawks/Coyotes game next month.

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Sometimes people are just incredibly nice.  It's a refreshing change of pace.


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