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Title: walk and talk
Fandom: Teen Wolf, The West Wing
Characters: Aiden, Cora Hale, Danny Mahealani, Derek Hale, Erica Reyes, Ethan, Isaac Lahey, Jackson Whittemore, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski
Relationships: (pre-slash) Stiles/Derek, (implied) Scott/Isaac, (implied) Lydia/Jackson
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 1,948
Summary: Derek wants to ask out a report.  (Not really.)  Stiles doesn't get why Derek hates Danny.  (Everyone else does.)  Jackson's a douchebag.  Isaac fails at correctly typing statistics.  (And subtly sneaking into Scott's office.)  Erica and Cora are made of sass, fabulous suits, and hairspray.  Aiden and Ethan are super-assistants with hopeless bosses.  Scott is stuck in his office all day.  (He minds less when Isaac joins him.)  Oh, and Lydia's in charge.  Of the country.  She excels at it, obviously.
Notes: For J, who re-watched the entirety of The West Wing with me last summer and only complained twice.  That's love right there.

Also available at AO3.


scene from an au I swear I'm not writing )
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Title: (500) Days of Allison
Fandom: Teen Wolf, (500) Days of Summer
Characters: Alan Deaton, Allison Argent, Bobby Finstock, Danny Mahealani, Derek Hale, Erica Reyes, Greenberg, Isaac Lahey, Jackson Whittemore, Matt Daehler, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Vernon Boyd
Relationships: Allison Argent/Scott McCall, Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Vernon Boyd/Erica Reyes, Isaac Lahey/Scott McCall
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 11741
Summary: Boy meets girl.  Boy falls in love.  Girl doesn't.  Or, that (500) Days of Summer AU where Stiles and Scott create comics for Deaton at Wolfsbane Press, Derek's a pediatric surgery fellow, Allison's an archery champ forced into early retirement, Erica and Boyd have way too many engagement parties, and Danny is a mostly-reformed hacker working for the feds (and is also Scott's stepbrother with a surprisingly active intramural basketball team).
Notes: Fic contains blatant handwaving when it comes to how things happen in the real world: veterinary school (though it's true they're incredibly difficult to get into and Davis has an amazing program), how an indie comic company would be run, and how much coffee can feasibly be drunk in 500 day.  For someone who hates it, my characters down that shit like water.  All music mentioned (with the exception of nobody's favorite Beatle) has been featured on Teen Wolf.  Kudos on that, MTV.  Also, the name of Peter's diner is The Abandoned Subway Station, but nobody else thought that was funny.

Available at AO3.


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