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 this interview has been condensed and edited by leah k (blinkiesays).  Teen and Up, Stiles/Derek, 10,000+ words, AU.  In this AU, the Hales are still werewolves in a world where that's fodder for horror flicks, but they're also a famous Hollywood family.  Laura's a screenwriter, Peter's sort of an agent (who doesn't really feature in this fic except for a handful of mentions and phone calls), and the rest are actors.  When the script Laura's been working on for years gets the greenlight, Derek's starring, Scott's directing, and Stiles is Derek's assistant.  It's both more and less complicated than it sounds.  I really enjoyed the way blinkiesays mixed in bits of a faux interview with Laura and Derek, the idea from whence the title came.

But it's a love story, right?
DH: All she writes are love stories.

Oh, it's true!  I'm a hopeless romantic, I can't help it.  Everything I write, it's like...Nora Ephron with sharper teeth.

Norah Ephron?
Oh God, yes.  I can't tell you how many times I watched 'Sleepless in Seattle.'  I drove everyone nuts.
DH: Yes.  She did.
LH: But mom was always on us to follow our passion and I was an ok actor, not like Derek or Cora, so I realized at a very young age that I wanted to be a screenwriter.  Oh man, did you ever see...what was it called?  One of Mom's later movies, it's set in Elizabethan England  Anyway, she let me re-write the dialog for the scene in the carriage.


Within a few days, Derek more or less admits to himself that Laura was right.  Having Stiles around is a lot like having a puppy.

There's a reason Derek doesn't have any pets.  Many reasons.

"Yo," Stiles says, shouldering his way into Derek's apartment without permission.[...]Stiles rummages around in his messenger bag, muttering to himself about something some guy did on the subway and Derek tries to ignore Stiles' presence, concentrates on putting water on to boil.

"Ok," Stiles says, pawing through a small, leather-bound book, "Busy day today."

Derek had expected Stiles to be like every other mid-twenties douchebag in NYC and be surgically attached to his smartphone, but Stiles has an actual pen-and-paper organizational system.  he uses an old-fashioned day planner to keep track of when he's supposed to be shepherding Derek to appointments, interviews, costume fittings, the kind of boring minutia that Derek has a bad habit of forgetting or skipping outright.


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