taliahale: (nightmare on a boat)
taliahale ([personal profile] taliahale) wrote2020-10-14 02:34 am


 Transformative works.  Essentially, YES.

If you wish to remix, record, artify, perform, or translate any of my works, go right ahead!  There's no need to ask for permission before you begin.  I do ask that you link to the original story when posting, and please let me know (if it's at all possible) so i can check out the awesomeness you have wrought.  Please don't use any transformative works for commercial purposes.

If for any reason you find it necessary to modify the story text while creating a podfic, that's perfectly acceptable.  I can imagine that dialogue tags would get to be a bit cumbersome for podficcers.

The only caveat to blanket permission: if a work is co-written and the collaborator has no statement, I request that you contact me so I may obtain permission from them.