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Dear Yuletide Author

 Well, kids, it's once again that greatest time of year: Yuletide! Dearest loveliest Author, thanks for loving one of my fandom choices enough to voluntarily submit to reading the following garbage heap of FEELS. I'm a firm believer in THIS IS ALL OPTIONAL, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT JUST THANKS SO MUCH FOR PLAYING, but if you want some direction I figured I should probably write the thing.

For your reference, these are me:
[archiveofourown.org profile] taliahale (my AO3 bookmarks will give you a good idea of the sorts of things I enjoy reading)
[tumblr.com profile] alphataliahale 

An Odd Assortment of Likes and Dislikes

I like all sorts of pairings and genfic. Any rating is fine, though I'd prefer if any mature ratings stem from porn rather than violent content. PWP is completely acceptable.

Tropes and stuff I particularly enjoy: first time fic, epistolary stories, women being awesome, team/found family/family of choice feels, romantic comedy, all kinds of AUs (I'm a particular sucker for sports AUs [hockey, baseball, tennis], Stargate/Star Trek AUs, or anything with magic [be that a Harry Potter fusion or some sort of magical realism]), pining, AIs/robots, domesticity/curtain fic, competence kink, old dudes in love, queerplatonic relationships, snarky dialogue, OT3s/polyamory, Rule 63, courting communication failure, soulbonds, amnesia, enemies to friends to lovers, character backgrounds that include emotionally fraught childhood relationships with parents, time loops, identity porn, nonlinear storytelling, and an overabundance of caffeine.

Stuff I generally do not enjoy: character death, rape/noncon, hella violence. Some angst is okay for spice, but grimdark is not my cup of tea. I'm not wild about: kid fic, law enforcement AUs, mundane AUs for fandoms with fantasy/scifi elements, hatesex, vampires, or fuck-or-die scenarios.

Longmire (TV)-Henry Standing Bear and Walt Longmire

I requested this fandom because I adore the tone and obvious depth to these characters' relationship. There's a lot of talking without words, long, meaningful exchanges conducted entirely in minute facial movements and gestures. Everything about them sort of says *married* to me.

I don't have any knowledge of the book series, but if you do and want to include any elements in your Longmire story that would be great! I would prefer slash fic, but friendship fic would be fine. Anything covering their personal history, from their childhoods/military service together would be amazing. Infidelity is okay (I mean, probably not IRL, just for fic about them *facepalm*).

If you're inclined towards AUs, options for them I'd love to see: Pacific Rim (these two in a jaeger would be a thing to see), never left the military AU, childhood sweethearts, or soulbonds. Again, all just suggestions--feel free to try anything you think might work.

Kings (TV 2009)-David Shepherd and Jack Benjamin

I requested this fandom because THIS SHOW GUYS. No, but I seriously will never get over the trauma of this show. The writing, plotting, worldbuilding, characters, it was all so wonderful and we only got one season that ended on a CLIFFHANGER. Also, my introduction to the wonder of crying, fragile gay boy SebStan.

This would probably be the only fandom I picked where I'd be completely fine with dark fic. It's completely in-line with canon tone/plotting. i'd be just as happy to see our boys living in domestic bliss, somewhere, but I'd understand the dark fic. I'd like to see something really plotty or political, but fluff or first time fic would be lovely. I...sort of ship them to a pitiful degree. If you go gen here maybe going the plotty/dark route would work best.

Robot Series - Isaac Asimov - Susan Calvin

I want Susan fic.

I mean, this world is really fascinating and rich. You could write whatever you feel like and I'd be pleased as punch, but SUSAN. Child prodigy, world's first robopsychologist, cybernetics and positronic brain expert, space traveler, and generally just the BEST. When asked if robots were so different from men, she replied, "Worlds different. Robots are essentially decent." A reserved personality and a powerful mind. I want to hear about Susan as a woman in STEM. I want to hear about being one of the only woman in her courses. I want to hear about her being one of the only women in the room at US Robotics. I want to hear about her relentlessly taking down any man who stood in the way of her career and her goals.

SUSAN. *cheers*

Hawkeye (Comics) - Kate Bishop

I want Kate fic.

I want Kate at her best, worst, her most competent and her brattiest low point. I want Kate taking lucky for a walk. I want fic about Kate as a kid and her relationship with her family. I want Kate learning how to use her first bow. I would also love AmeriKate fic (my undying love for the Katie/America Chavez pairing). You'll notice that as we get into my requests with lady characters I mostly just want fic ALL ABOUT THE LADIES THEY JUST DESERVE AWESOME STORIES.

Girl Meets World - Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter

I requested this fandom because Boy Meets World was my childhood, y'all. And, because, well.

I ship it, guys. 

You can go for the epic childhood friendship fic, but I ship it real hard. I want Cory/Shawn or Cory/Shawn/Topanga or Cory/Shawn and Cory/Topanga. I want polyamory negotations. I want established relationship fic where the kids don't realize it's not 'normal' to have the extra adult around and doesn't everybody's family have a 'Shawn'? I want the AU where Cory and Shawn had the Cory/Topanga storyline and Topanga was Cory's best friend. I want a million Different First Meeting AUs. I want the Divorced Cory meets Photographer Shawn who's a single dad in for career day. I want the AU where Cory and Shawn were at college together and Topanga went to the badass uni she should've gone to in the first place, leading to the inevitable Cory/Shawn hookup and possibly the eventual poly relationship. I'd prefer no Topanga bashing, because she's a delightful character and ladies deserve love even if I want their husbands to be dating their best friends :D

Slash Report RPF

I requested this fandom because THIS PODCAST GUYS. Awesome ladies/fans being awesome. Also, they've discussed slashy  fic of themselves on the podcast, which is hysterical. Go for the gen or slash here, go for any crazy AU you've ever wanted to try. Let there be reporter fic!